Friday, September 23, 2011

Gold is not THE safe haven

If you listen to the radio or watch TV you will see a ton of commercials telling people to buy gold because it never goes down, it is a safe haven, etc. Gold is A safe haven asset, but it is not THE safe haven asset. Sometimes during a crisis money will flow to Gold, it did that last month. However, this is not always the case as this week has shown. We have had the same issues crop up this week that we had last month but this time Gold has sold off in a big way. Treasuries are still the safe haven asset of choice, they are more liquid and not as volatile as Gold.

I am not recommending you sell your Gold and buy Treasuries. We happen to own both because they have been in an uptrend and we follow the trend. If the downtrend in Gold continues we will sell, if things turn around we will stay in it and perhaps buy more. What I am recommending is that you view these types of commercials and pitches with a healthy skepticism.

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